Country Music Artists and Bands listed below. Country Music Festivals lists the best Country Music Musicians of today and new artists of tomorrow. So, pick your favorite artist from USA and Canada and see what they are up to. 
If you are an artists, let us know. We introduce artists to the world just because they are talented. If you are good, tell us. And we may tell the world. We appreciate the unknown singer/ songwriter.
Sundy Best
Some Canadian artists highlighted in purple
Country Music Festivals believes that the bands should appear first on the search engine when you search for them. So, we link directly to the bands. Too many ticket outlets, magazines, and other commercial entities show up before the bands on the search engine. We have good ranking on the search engines. So we share that ranking with the bands by linking directly to them. The bands can tell you more about themselves than we can. That is only fair. The bands do the work. They deserve the credit. So, click on any of these Country Artists to find out what they are about. The traffic will improve their ranking on the web. If you appreciate this, please share this website on facebook.

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